Moosehaven's Annual Chili Cook-Off
International Chili Society

We’d like to thank all of our event sponsors for their support and for a great day!  We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Results 2021

10th Annual Moosehaven Chili Cook-Off 2021
International Chili Society Division


1st Place Red Chili – Allen Case
2nd Place Red Chili – Jeremy Mall
3rd Place Red Chili – Larry Weltikol

1st Place Green Chili – John Blackwell
2nd Place Green Chili – Allen Case
3rd Place Green Chili – Donald Perry

1st Place Salsa – John Blackwell
2nd Place Salsa – Jan Sprouse
3rd Place Salsa – Scott Sprouse

Results 2019

10th Annual Moosehaven Chili Cook-Off 2019
International Chili Society Division

1st Michael Powers
2nd John Thomas
3rd Dave Violette

1st Scott Sprouse
2nd Charles Thomas
3rd Michael Powers

1st John Thomas
2nd Scott Sprouse
3rd Doug Roy

People’s Choice
1st North Carolina Moonshine Chili

Results 2020

No 2020 event

Results 2018

9th Annual Moosehaven Chili Cook-Off 2018
International Chili Society Division

1st Larry Weltikol
2nd  Michael Powers

1st Michael Powers
2nd  John Blackwell
3rd Charles Thomas

1st JoAnn Wycoff
2nd Scott Sprouse
3rd Larry Weltikol

1st Jen Violette
2nd  Dave Violette
3rd Michael Powers