Moosehaven Levels of Care

Exclusively serving the residents of Moosehaven, the HealthCare Center offers the highest quality of care as rated by Medicare. Located on the Moosehaven campus, the HealthCare Center offers a physician staffed clinic, therapy department and pharmacy.

Various levels of care are available including enhanced living, skilled nursing, dementia/memory care and Hospice services, all provided by a dedicated and compassionate staff.

    Moosehaven Provides

    • Enhanced Living
    • Memory Support/Dementia Care
    • Skilled Nursing
    • Therapy
      • Physical Therapy
      • Speech Therapy
      • Occupational Therapy
    • Physician Staffed Clinic
    • Hospice Care

    Levels of Care

    Independent Living

    allows residents to live comfortably in their home of choice. Residents may continue to drive, provide their own meals and maintain daily activities without assistance or supervision. Applicants for admission in the New Life Program at Moosehaven must be able to live independently.

    Skilled Nursing Care

    is performed by a skilled nursing staff to manage, observe or evaluate your care. This may be for long-term care, or just during a period of rehabilitation. Therapy services are provided at all levels of care and may be covered under Medicare.

    Katherine Smith Hall / Memory Support

    Moosehaven’s dementia program is operated in Katherine Smith Hall, which was specifically designed to provide residential dementia services. It features a fully functioning kitchen, round the clock activities, residential laundry, residential furnishing, bright colors and specially trained staff. We have individualized activities and homemaking projects to give each resident a sense of purpose and meaning. We share with our residents our own personal family stories. Our family members participate in our events. While a purposeful design contributes, the success of Moosehaven’s memory support program lies in its emphasis on relationships (resident to resident, resident to staff and staff to staff).

    Enhanced Living

    provides a higher level of safety for residents during therapy, recovery or daily living. This includes medication monitoring, meal preparation, additional companionship or general assistance in daily activities.

    Hospice Care

    is specialized care designed to provide support during a terminal illness. Care is focused on the comfort and quality of life enabling the resident to be alert and pain-free.

    Structured Activities Program

    What is Moosehaven doing to help deal with what is a very real part of growing older for many people? Services for residents with dementia are built into our continuum of care. People are most familiar with the services provided in Skilled Nursing and Katherine Smith Special Needs Hall for Moosehaven residents experiencing the later stages of dementia. We also have a very exciting program that is designed to benefit residents living in all areas of the campus who experience signs of the early to moderate stages of dementia and even the effects of normal aging.

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    The program provides life enhancing interactions for Moosehaven residents helping them maintain or improve their physical, social, cognitive and daily living skills through supported activities. The goals of the program focus on providing residents (including resident volunteers) greater opportunity to experience an enhanced sense of being productive, group membership and simply enjoying life.  Lunch is family style where residents help set the tables, pass the food and clean up after the meal. Activities may take many forms including art, music, crafts, puzzles, pictures, games, movies, current events, news and nostalgia. It may focus on sewing, gardening, woodworking, cooking/baking, household chores, developing daily planners and reminders or other activities that the resident enjoys and may find challenging. Residents also engage in physical activities such as seated exercise, Tai Chi, group walks, stretching, swimming, dance, and games requiring movement. Spiritual aspects of life are incorporated through reading, discussion, and computer based broadcast. The IN2L computer system is used extensively in this program with enthusiastic reaction from the residents. Any and all activities offered on campus can be incorporated into the program as residents and staff collaborate to plan their week. The residents report feeling better, having more energy, less memory related issues, and greater overall enjoyment.