We are Adapting, Learning, and Succeeding!

I read an article in Senior Living recently that was titled “A Hopeful Future” written by Steve Bahmer, LeadingAge Florida President & CEO.  At Moosehaven, we have a COVID-19 Task Force that meets three times a week for a conference call with LeadingAge Florida and members for support and discussion of the ever-changing regulations for senior communities.  The calls are both informative and encouraging. After we hear updates from LeadingAge Florida staff, members are encouraged to call in for questions and comments.  Hearing the voices of other senior care providers sharing challenges and creative ideas helps us keep open minds and encourages us in our journey of adapting, learning and succeeding! 

In an article by Tim Ficker, Executive Director of Cypress Cove in Ft. Myers, he said it best. “I think I can truthfully say that this has been the most terrible and most inspiring time in my career.”  I can attest to that! It’s certainly been more challenging than anything in my 35 years at Moosehaven, but inspiring because of the support and understanding from our residents and members!  

We are challenged in every facet of our daily lives, from the way we eat our meals, the way we visit our friends and relatives, and everything in between.

We are inspired because we see that Moosehaven is never alone – we have a huge family cheering us on and providing ways to help our residents in so many ways. To the many who’ve provided encouragement to residents and staff, thank you.  Thanks for your thoughtfulness and generosity for the 6 tablets donated for residents to interact with family and friends. Thanks for the special snacks and goodies, puzzles, crossword books and individual care packages.     

We have an advantage over the many senior care providers out there. We have resources they don’t have – a fraternity who is proud to make a way where there seems to be no way; those who believe “together we can.” Many of the stories we hear each week on those phone calls makes me so proud to be “ONE MOOSE.”

I want to thank our residents who are adapting, learning and succeeding! They’ve come to realize that Moosehaven is not the only place “adapting” to a new life style. In fact, they are “learning” we are so much better off than those outside our gates, despite the fact there are no off-campus trips, no communal dining and only scheduled visitors. We are “succeeding” because our residents have embraced the fact that Moosehaven’s leadership and staff are committed to their well-being.  

I also want to thank the entire staff for their dedication and resiliency in providing the greatest care and concern to our residents, all while taking care of their own families and also adjusting to the world of unknowns.

I am hopeful for the future. I am hopeful for a better day – but it the meantime we look for every opportunity to make the most of our “City of Contentment,” to serve our residents well, and continue charting the path to our new normal.  

It’s just me….Simply Helen