Hurricane Season Preparations

Moosehaven’s location on the banks of the St. John River provides for panoramic views, year-round fishing, and the beauty of nature. But as with all Florida living, preparations for summer storms are essential.

Moosehaven has a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, which is reviewed and updated annually. Extensive preparations have been made to meet the needs of our residents and staff during any inclement weather. We closely monitor tropical activity and store water, food, medical supplies, and generator fuel on-site. We also have provisions for our four-legged residents, as they are an important part of our family.

We have the plans, resources, and staffing to provide care in the event that severe weather impacts our area. In the rare event that evacuation is ordered, we shelter our residents, staff, and their families on campus. Brandon Place residents are moved into apartments in our Category 4-rated HealthCare Center and Centennial Hall. Both are fully staffed and prepared to provide services to all Moosehaven residents.

Over our 101-year history, Moosehaven has witnessed both the serenity and strength of nature. But rest assured that we are experienced and prepared for any weather event.