Spring Has Sprung!

Since last March, life has certainly changed for all of us. After a very long year, we are on our way to finding our new normal. While we felt very unprepared for all that has transpired this past year, we are very grateful to our staff and residents for going above and beyond to help keep our community safe.

After 9 months of the pandemic, we got a glimmer of hope for a better tomorrow on December 22nd when many staff and residents received their 1st does of the Pfizer vaccine. After several vaccine clinics, as of February 17th, 99% of our residents are fully vaccinated.

This gave us the opportunity to make changes to our “on-campus” activities which allowed residents to visit and socialize with one another, not just with residents in their own hall. We also changed our visitation requirements, now allowing scheduled visits in the resident’s apartment or even an off campus visit. While we have not opened our campus completely, these are welcome changes.

We have learned a lot of lessons, but one I choose to talk about is the value of “togetherness.” Spring Sprung at Moosehaven in March when we initiated our first phase of opening the campus. More than anything, being together is what matters most.

Sure, our residents like going off campus for a Lodge dinner, an event or a shopping trip, but it is evident that they enjoy the social aspect of campus living! Lodge events and special days like Florida Days at Moosehaven, Georgia Tree Lighting, Alabama Days and more – were all missed, but what they missed the most was seeing their Moose friends!

Our campus opening will be in phases. We are in phase one, which no longer requires us to schedule a certain day or time to use the pier, go to the Vivian Borom Activity Center, swim in the pool, etc. The campus is open for all residents to enjoy. Together, they are once again enjoying, shuffleboard, darts, bowling, pool exercise, and more, without having to remember, “what day can we go?”

Now, all can enjoy the Vivian Borom Activity Center where residents have a “place” and “purpose” to enjoy the many activities offered such as the library, ceramics, craft room, shopping at the country store or the Not So New store, model railroad room, computer shop, gift shop and more.

Visitation protocols have changed for vaccinated residents. While visits still must be prescheduled, residents are permitted to go out for the day or visit in their apartment, unlike before they had to visit at our “visitor zone” and the visitors were not permitted to take residents out for a visit off campus, without having to quarantine for 14 days. If we have a new resident admit and they have been fully vaccinated, they no longer quarantine, which is very helpful in getting them acclimated to the campus and meeting their neighbors.

Hats off to our employees! Staff from every department on campus continue to take on extra duties in order to make life within our “City of Contentment” have some type of normalcy. I am proud of their “together we can” attitude.

Due to COVID, Moosehaven continues to cancel our Fraternal and Community Events, but I am happy to report that our recent Annual Golf Tournament was a huge success! Our past high in net fundraising for this event was approximately $29,000 but I am proud to say this year’s number is a NET of $38,210.72!!!

Our next Community and Fraternal Event will be the Chili Cook-Off on Saturday, November 13th. Please make plans to bring a team and enjoy the fun.

Although life changed at Moosehaven this past year, our residents were never truly alone like so many seniors are now days. Moosehaven keeps you young, it is a great place to be and is among the top of our member benefits, so do not think it is just for old people in rocking chairs, because it’s anything but that!

If you are or know of a senior Moose member who would benefit from Moosehaven – we have two admission programs, one that is sure to fit your needs. Moosehaven is a place to thrive in your retirement years, not a place to die!

It’s just me….

Simply Helen