Simply Helen

I’m writing my first article as Moosehaven’s 13th Executive Director, and, I must admit, I’m excited and challenged at what is on the horizon. Of course, I didn’t expect to be in the midst of a global pandemic, but here we are.

Since March, we’ve dealt with new challenges presented to us on a daily basis. These challenges have consumed much of Moosehaven Leadership’s time as we respond to constant changes. Thank you to all of our leadership and staff for going the extra mile with the added duties that keep us in compliance with the health care regulations. Also, a big thank you for their due diligence in taking the necessary precautions to help keep our campus a safe environment. 

We realize taking care of our residents’ physical needs is not enough. Their social well being is also very important. While daily activities have changed, our care and commitment has not changed!  Our Covid-19 Task Force team meets regularly to evaluate the risk and benefits of how we can safely enhance the activities and the way we are delivering services.    

Some of the most difficult challenges for many of our residents (nothing life-threatening) are cancelled off-campus trips to the local Lodges and Department Stores, having no visitors, and not commingling with residents in other buildings. This means no special events, (picnics, dances, etc.) that bring residents together throughout the campus.   

A special thanks to our residents! Through it all, they’ve been wonderful! Most can’t say “thank you” enough for the safety and security they experience each and every day and for all of the special things we do to enrich their lives.

 As we continue to pursue our new normal, please know that Moosehaven is committed to continue our efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19. The safety and well being of our residents and staff is our primary concern.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and for the many comments on social media showing your appreciation for Moosehaven and our efforts in keeping our Senior members safe!


On another note…

Last year one of my articles was titled, “Together We Thrive!” After watching our 132nd International Convention on June 25 & 26th, we see now more than ever how important that phrase is.  In the article, I mentioned the banner “Together We Thrive” was hanging at one of the local churches that has been in Orange Park for many years and was, at one time, a thriving church. They have the same problem we and many other organizations have – dwindling membership.  

Thanks to someone who decided to acknowledge the problem, discuss the problem and recognize, we either “change or die,” they did something about it. While I’m sure it wasn’t easy breaking away from tradition, they swallowed their pride, set aside their differences and focused on what really mattered. They joined forces with a church that is growing by leaps and bounds.   

I believe your vote to adopt “One Moose” unleashed endless possibilities for the Moose! 

There’s sure to be many growing pains along the way, but we are Moose, we are ONE and “together we can!”

On behalf of Moosehaven, I’d like to thank all of the delegates who voted for “One Moose.” You, like the church, set aside traditions and customs and focused on what really matters – Mooseheart and Moosehaven!


Simply Helen