Simply Helen

It seems like we are all spinning our wheels ninety to nothing and going nowhere. During these times, it may be difficult for you to “feel” grateful. Noticed I said, “feel.” It’s important to be grateful. Studies show when we feel really grateful, we’re more likely to show random acts of kindness.

It’s a difficult time right now. People are lonely and are missing socialization with friends. People feel isolated from everything that’s important to them so it’s crucial that we remember the power of one small act of kindness. With every positive behavior, we have the potential to make a difference in someone’s life as well as encourage those around us to act in the same way.

A few things we can all do to change the atmosphere:

Be Positive. Add more optimistic news and ideas to your life. It’s easier to promote kindness when you’re surrounded by it.
Laugh. It really does work.
Take Notice. Rather than pointing out the negative actions of others, look for the positive and compliment their positive actions. Don’t overlook the seemingly insignificant kindness of others and make a point to show appreciation.
Be creative. You may not be able to sit and have a meal or a cup of coffee with a friend, but you can let them know you are thinking about them. A simple phone call works wonders, send a card, a virtual hug or an appreciative text – anything to let them know that you miss them and are thinking about them.
Use your talents. No one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something. Take what you do well and then add kindness.

A wonderful example of kindness is when a group of our residents decided to make face masks for staff and other residents. They used their time and talent for a cause! Thank you ladies for your act of kindness, hard work and dedication to meet a need!

Another great example of kindness. “A teacher asked one of her young students to tell the class the meaning of “kindness and loving kindness. A little boy jumped up and said, “Well, if I was hungry and someone gave me a piece of bread that would be kindness; but if they put a little peanut butter and jelly on it, that would be loving kindness.”

I think that’s a pretty good example! May each of us be positive, take notice, be creative and use our talents for the sake of spreading kindness and making a difference in these tough times!

Stay positive even when if feels like your life is falling apart!