Silver Linings

As Thanksgiving approaches,

I’m thinking about the importance of not taking things for granted and finding the silver linings in the midst of a pandemic.   We all take things for granted. Usually at the top of the list are those things we’ve come to expect as necessities and the people we expect to be there, no matter what.   Many people, including myself, spend so much time thinking about what we can do next instead of enjoying what is in front of us right now. This has become very apparent over the last 8 to 9 months since COVID-19 became a daily word in our vocabulary.     Think of how much time many families wasted, grieving over what they’ve lost rather than enjoying what is within their reach – each other! They have time with their precious children, a loving spouse and other family members with nothing pulling them in different directions. It took months for many families to notice and take advantage of their circumstances.    I’ve heard story after story of families never cooking or sharing meals together until they were forced to do so.  If there is a silver lining to COVID-19, the family connection would be at the top of my list.   What about Moosehaven?  We too have been forced to take advantage of what we have. Rather than going here and there to do this or that, we have taken advantage of our safe and vibrant community with many things to get us out and about with friends and our Moosehaven family. Many residents have made new friends that they may not otherwise have made, had they had the opportunity to be with the friends with which they normally socialized. Many are socializing in different ways than before COVID-19, enjoying different activities they wouldn’t otherwise try.    Much of the frustration we feel in our lives can often be significantly reduced and sometimes even eliminated when we think about that which we take for granted. Once we acknowledge those things and feel real appreciation for them, our patience, our happiness and our zest for life improve….we find the Silver Lining! Remember, every day can be significantly altered in a matter of seconds…it’s all about perspective.   The next time you have to wait in a long line at the grocery store and you get annoyed that you are delayed, give it a little thought. At least you had a way to get to the grocery store, you are healthy enough to go to the store and you have money to buy what you are in line for!   You will never find the silver lining if you moan about that which you lack.  Gratitude and acknowledgment of all that we have is the key to finding our silver lining!   Yes, things are different, but life is good at Moosehaven! It’s a journey but we are finding our “silver linings” as we continue to explore and enjoy our new normal.   Wishing the blessings of Thanksgiving be yours!   It’s just me

….Simply Helen