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Moosehaven offers two options for residency:

  • Moose Life Program
  • The New Life Program.

Both plans require an applicant to be at least 65 years of age (at least one member of a spousal unit must be 65).

Moose Life Program at Moosehaven

The Moose Life Program

The Moose Life Program is reserved for Moose members of 15 years or more. Residents place all of their financial resources and income into individual Moosehaven Retirement accounts. Residents’ housing, meals, activities, transportation and healthcare are paid from their individual Moosehaven Retirement account. In the event the resident cannot meet the costs of services provided at Moosehaven, they may remain at Moosehaven for as long as they adhere to its rules and policies.

New Life Program at Moosehaven

The New Life Program

New Life Program residents enjoy an independent lifestyle in a secure environment with provisions for additional care and services. The New Life Program provides access to the services and amenities of the Moosehaven campus through a one-time entrance fee. A monthly fee is paid for use of the home, maintenance of the home and grounds, as well as the security monitoring features.

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