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October 16: Silver Tsunami

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It’s Diabetes Awareness Month! No TRICKS, let us TREAT you to lunch! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 |11:30 am – 1:00 pm
At Moosehaven, 1701 Park Avenue, Orange Park, FL 32073

Does the thought of Diabetes SCARE you?  Don’t fret, come to our October Silver Tsunami event and ask the questions you want to have answered.

Our expert panel will answer YOUR questions with experienced advice, adding value to your retirement endeavors. They are available to provide the answers YOU want to know about Diabetes, making healthy choices and living with this all-to-common diagnosis.

Lunch will be served.

Seating is limited.


October 13: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk


October 13, 2018
1701 Park Avenue
Orange Park, FL 32073
Join us for the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk to help save lives, celebrate survivors and honor loved ones lost. With every dollar raised, we’re able to make a bigger impact by helping conduct innovative research, promote early detection, and simply provide a hand to hold.

Registration: 7:30 AM
Walk: 9 AM

For more information or to sign up,
please contact:
Jaclyn Rodriguez at
(904) 391.3627 or

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Clay County

October 31: Halloween Trick or Treat


Providing a safe and family oriented tradition for many families, Moosehaven hosts an annual Trick or Treat event October 31st of every year as part of the Heart of the Community program.

Opening the gates at 5:30 p.m., ghosts and goblins from near and far gather together for Trick or Treats, a ghoulish haunted house, food and outdoor movie.

It’s a night for everyone to enjoy time together as part of a family tradition. Welcome!

What’s your perception of Mooshaven?


As the campus buzzes with excitement for this weekend’s annual Christmas events, residents are found out and about enjoying the temperate climate and seasonal scores of poinsettias, lights and decor. Gazing across the campus there is a mixture of unique scenes.

A lighthearted giggle finds two kindred souls tucked away in reminiscent conversation. As the porch swing sways, their cheeks glow from candid conversation and bursts of laughter. A foot balancing the tip of a shoe dangles as the tales rise and fall in delightful whispers of contentment.

Looking further out, there is solace found witnessing another along the winding paths. His furrowed brow indicates a quiet reflection. Deep thoughts are evidenced in his purposeful stride, and one can only imagine the recollection of vivid details streaming, as the years play back in his memory. He dons a veteran’s cap, shielding eyes filled with pride and resolve. A gentle wind redirects his gaze toward calm waters of the river, and his stature submits to a wave of contentment.

A once frail widow, clutching onto the promise of safety Moosehaven provides, now clutches the hand of another, as she’s led to the evening’s event in familiar routine. No longer burdened by fear in her efforts to live alone, she now enjoys the confidence of independence, and embraces the freedom to thrive again. As she’s escorted off, her eyes meet his in thankful celebration, and the pride swelled in his chest is exhaled in contentment.

How do you convey the message of Moosehaven? As you explain each facet of the Moosehaven program, are the details emboldened in fraternal commitment to serve seniors?
Each soul at Moosehaven represents a unique need, yet the common desire to thrive resonates in every heart. Share Moosehaven with others as an opportunity, a means to peace, not a means to an end. Allow families to gain comfort in knowing a renewed life lies ahead for their loved ones, a life filled with purpose and chance. Provide a true representation of the success of Moosehaven, and paint a portrait of contentment.

One of Our Favorite Times of the Year


Everyone has their favorite time of year.  Whether it’s the nostalgia of another moment in life, or a new opportunity to spend time with loved ones, there’s always a reason favorite seasons tug at the heart strings.  In almost everyone’s favorite choice, the underlying theme of family and friends is the reason time together is so special. It’s certainly one of the reasons Moosehaven residents look forward to visits from Mooseheart Boys and Girls over the summer months, as one of their favorite times of the year.

Each summer, the campus comes alive with visitors from Mooseheart.  Residents are eager to celebrate their time together, and have a full schedule of socials, events and sporting competition for their guests to enjoy. Recently, the Mooseheart boys visited the Moosehaven campus and were greeted with an ice cream social and dance.  The floor was filled with laughter and excitement as young and old alike showcased their moves in celebration.

As you passed by each table lined with new and familiar faces, stories reminiscing of time spent in the Fraternity, and in support of the Child City, resonated throughout the night. For every reason given as to why a resident joined the Moose, was an equally impressive reason why they supported Mooseheart. It was an insightful discussion among the participants, with a great appreciation for the benefits of continued Moose membership. In retrospect, it was profound to realize Moosehaven residents represented countless prayers of intercession, and years of support for the children of Mooseheart. The night was truly a family reunion.

The following days were filled with visits to neighboring Lodges and Chapters, and special time together on campus.  From beach parties to cook-outs, residents took delight in hosting the boys and forging new friendships. It was an experience for all, with memories and moments encouraging our guests to come back for another visit, and to continue the goodwill of the Fraternity as an adult.

The Moosehaven campus is now gearing up for our next visit, when the Mooseheart girls come to celebrate Independence Day in the upcoming weeks.  Again, it’s a time of excitement and celebration; and is one of our most favorite times of the year.

The Moosehaven Family


“Listen to my story about a man named Jed, the poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed.”  If you watched TV in the 60’s and 70’s, you know how catchy this song can be. However, within the first few bars, you soon realized the premise of the story and had a true feel for the Clampett family dynamics.

Just like the Beverly Hillbillies, our residents have created their own song about life at Moosehaven, and the invaluable services provided.  Within the first few notes, their song of salvation and gratitude quickly paint the picture of their own personal “why” Moosehaven is now their home.  No matter the story line to follow, the underlying message within each song conveys the family dynamics of our community.

Sit back and listen to the gentle melody written by Moosehaven residents from both admissions programs.  Hear the common theme among the stories told by first-hand accounts from our family members.

Jack joined the Moose in 1954.  Without a thought for the future, Jack enjoyed his time with the Fraternity raising money for buildings here at Moosehaven and traveling the world.  Little did Jack know at the time, his service in the Moose would one day gain him the best experience of his life.  Years later, he now enjoys his retirement in one of the best communities in all his travels. With friendly faces to welcome him home, Jack sings the praises of a helpful staff and beautiful campus.

A fairly new resident, Shirley, joined the Moose in 1985. Learning about the features of Moosehaven, Shirley knew instantly when touring, Moosehaven would become her home. Eager to surround herself with friends of likeminded interest, Shirley feels blessed to be part of the Moosehaven family.

After losing his wife, and part of himself, Jim lived near Moosehaven, but was sinking away in his home.  Overwhelmed with the thought of downsizing and the loneliness he felt, Jim learned about the New Life Program at Moosehaven and had a ray of hope.  The staff readily assisted him in the transition and with a song of gratitude; Jim quickly notes how Moosehaven saved his life. Changing his tune shunning the world, to thriving once again, Jim now has pep in his step and a new song in his heart.

Not wanting to burden their children with the future task of downsizing, many of our Brandon Place residents have moved home to Moosehaven as soon as eligible.  Eliminating the fear of the unknown with preparation, life is now a dance of a whole new beat.  With the amenities and social activities offered on campus, life becomes carefree, without want or worry.

Become part of the Moosehaven story, and write your next verse in life.  Learn more about one of the greatest benefits of your Moose membership.  Visit our admission page at, for information regarding our Moose Life Program for Moose members of 15 years, and our New Life Program.

Don’t miss an episode of life at Moosehaven, like us today on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest events and news.  You’ll soon hum a tune that resonates with your own lifestyle. Allow the uplifting melody to summon you home; where family and friends await you, to celebrate a harmonious life together and surround you in love.

Sunshine Grand Parents Enjoying Moosehaven

Health Care

Ed and Edie Layton moved to Moosehaven in December 2016.  Ed has been a dual member of our lodge for many years.  Edie has been a dual member of our Chapter.  Edie suffered a stroke last year and lost the ability to walk, communicate and take care of herself.  Being the kind of husband he is, Ed used up a lot of resources having Edie in our local Palm Bay Life Care Center Nursing Home.  All along he knew Moosehaven was a benefit of his long time membership in the Loyal Order of Moose. Once they had made the decision to move, Edie was transported to Moosehaven and immediately placed in the LifeCare Center at Moosehaven for treatment.  Ed was given his own room in Chancellor’s Hall.

While Ed was trying to adjust to the new surroundings and life style, he said there was so much to do; he has not had time to do everything.  His time is spent with daily visits to Edie, driving a golf cart transporting residents and fishing.  Edie on the other hand has been focused not on comfort, but recovery.  The care she is receiving is 5-Star Rated. When we visited with her during the Florida Day Event, March 18th at Moosehaven, she could nod, understand us, recognize us and was eating on her own at the picnic.  Then at the dinner dance that night, she stood up and danced with Ed.  An amazing triumph for Edie and a testament to the care she is getting at Moosehaven.

  • PBMOOSEMAIL | Loyal Order of Moose, Palm Bay Lodge 2311 & Chapter 2193

May 2017 | Volume 30 Issue 1


There are signs everywhere!


There are signs everywhere! Walking onto Astor Street, there are signs on every reserved home in Brandon Place. From apartments to villas, people are not just showing an interest in our program, they’re making reservations to make Moosehaven their home.

By the first of the year, sixteen (16) additional residents will have moved to Brandon Place. To help our new neighbors settle in and acclimate to life on the campus, we’ve coupled them with Brandon Place Ambassadors. Ambassadors provide an insider’s gain to our community and help new residents plug in to activities and features of the campus. Offering a friendly smile and a helping hand not only enhances our sense of community, but is the first sign to new comers of our fraternal spirit.

If all signs are pointing towards downsizing to the right size home, call the marketing office today and let your next sign read, “RESERVED.”