Ms. Moosehaven 2024

Residents from across campus gathered for the cherished tradition of the Ms. Moosehaven Pageant. This year’s event was a spectacular display of grace and community spirit, with contestants showcasing poise, beauty, and radiant smiles!

Beyond the competition, the pageant reaffirmed Moosehaven’s strong sense of community and unity. Congratulations to all participants for making this year’s pageant unforgettable!

And the winners are … drumroll please …

Skilled Nursing:

Winner– Joani Peteroy

1st Runner Up- Lori Benz

2nd Runner Up- Marty Cormie

Assisted Living:

Winner– Karol Smith

1st Runner Up- Jean Vallee

2nd Runner UP- Joyce Bell

3rd Runner UP- Frances Votino

Independent Living:

Winner– Elsie Fifer

1st Runner Up- Helen Pollard

2nd Runner Up- Corey Werrbach

3rd Runner Up- Irene Morrow

Special Awards:

Overall High Score for Crowd Appeal- LeAnna Miller

Overall High Score Prettiest Smile- Anita Gettings


Click photo gallery below to view or download photos.