Moosehaven is a Blessing!

Are you sharing what a blessing we have in Moosehaven?
We all have a network of family, friends, and co-workers that probably do not know what the Moose Fraternity is, let alone Moosehaven. Before I moved to Jacksonville, I visited my brother, who was stationed at Naval Air Station Jacksonville for 15 years. I must have passed by many times and never knew what Moosehaven was. No one ever really spoke about it. So, if I visited the very town Moosehaven is located in and drove past the campus many times and I didn’t know what it was, can you imagine how many people have no clue we even exist?
I say to people all the time, “We save and plan for our first home, we save and plan to have a family, we save and plan for our children’s education, we save for our retirement, but we never plan for it.” Moosehaven is a fantastic plan for retirement, with different admission programs for every financial situation. Moosehaven is anything but an old folk’s home. We truly are an active adult community. The residents have many activities available to them, even during the COVID pandemic! We have BINGO, darts, billiards, shuffleboard, bowling and fishing. We recently had the County archivist here for a presentation for our residents. She shared many interesting historical facts about the town and the property Moosehaven sits on.
Did you know Sitting Bull and Ulises S. Grant stayed at the Hotel Marion, the original resident home at Moosehaven? How cool is that!
So take a minute to give us a call or jump on our website and look around. If you have never looked at the website or if you haven’t been on it in a while, I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Angela Wood New Life Admission Manager