Did I get the job?

On Friday, June 1, 2007, I received a call at my home. I heard a voice say, “Marina? This is John Capes from Moosehaven.” I quickly responded, “Did I get the job?” And thus began a 13 year journey! Since that day, I’ve been fired more times than I can count but I just keep coming back to work as I’m sure he was always joking!! Right? Um, John?

In the last 13 years, I’ve watched as the campus and the culture of Moosehaven changed. Moosehaven is now known in our fraternity, community, state and in our industry as a top-rated retirement community located on a stunning campus delivering the best of care. We are no longer the fraternity’s “Best kept secret!”

Residents of our surrounding communities enjoy our Heart of the Community events and follow us on social media…we are on the map! Fraternal members are starting to get it…Moosehaven is a benefit of membership; the trophy awarded for service and dedication. We are no longer considered the “Poor Farm!”

The plan for Moosehaven that John implemented those many years ago is complete and he more than accomplished the tasks he set for himself and his team. Over a decade in the making, his dream to leave Moosehaven better than he found it was realized.

But our work here is far from over. It will be the role of Helen Taylor, our incoming Executive Director, to establish a new dream, a new goal for herself and her team.
And so we begin…..

Congratulations John, I truly wish for you a blessed and happy retirement, you deserve it! Don’t miss me too much… I know, I know….”I’m fired!”

Marina Mathews
Director of Communications & Events