Bill’s Board

I read a joke on the internet that went something like this: “During the COVID 19 Safer at Home order I finally had time to indulge myself in all of my favorite hobbies. Unfortunately it turned out that my hobbies are going to restaurants, going to bars and being a part of the crowd at the club.” The part about going to restaurants hits a little close to home. I never realized how many times my wife and I went out to eat in a month, that is until they closed all the restaurants and we couldn’t go. We missed going out. We tried to decide what we missed about eating out, was it different food, different atmosphere, getting out of the house, not cooking and cleaning or just being around other people. We decided it was all of those reasons. But we also decided restaurants are not what we missed the most during this time.

They say that you discover who you really are during times of stress, change and upheaval, particularly when there are circumstances beyond your control. How you behave during these times is very telling. As Helen talked about last month, do you show gratitude, positivity and loving kindness? Do you lash out at others, complain, feel sorry for yourself and generally act selfishly. Some people go to extremes of very positive or very negative behavior but most of us fall somewhere on a line in between the two. The question is how much does your behavior change and in which direction.

So here is a question to think about for today: What do you miss the most?

Is there someone you miss spending time with? Who are they to you and what do you miss by not spending time with them?

Is there an activity you miss? Do you miss fishing, dancing, playing games, working out or just working your job?

Do you miss a larger group of people? Do you miss having a meal all together in the dining room, having a drink or two at A.A., parties in the Michigan building or services in the New York Chapel?

Do you not miss a thing? Are you perfectly happy just being where you are?

I did not list these things just to remind you of what you can’t do right now. I would prefer you smile when you read the newsletter, but this time, I really want you to think about it. Your answer will be personal and private. However, it will tell you about the things that make you happy and unhappy in your life here at Moosehaven. Sometimes you don’t know what really makes you happy until it is gone. Other times you realize you can be perfectly happy even though many things you like/want are gone. Thinking about how to be happy during these hard times will pay off now and it will also pay off later, in the summer time when living is easy.

If you are going through hard times and wonder where God is remember the teacher is quiet during the test. (Author unknown)

Yes, I know it was more than one question.

Bill Tippins