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What’s your perception of Mooshaven?

As the campus buzzes with excitement for this weekend’s annual Christmas events, residents are found out and about enjoying the temperate climate and seasonal scores of poinsettias, lights and decor. Gazing across the campus there is a mixture of unique scenes.

A lighthearted giggle finds two kindred souls tucked away in reminiscent conversation. As the porch swing sways, their cheeks glow from candid conversation and bursts of laughter. A foot balancing the tip of a shoe dangles as the tales rise and fall in delightful whispers of contentment.

Looking further out, there is solace found witnessing another along the winding paths. His furrowed brow indicates a quiet reflection. Deep thoughts are evidenced in his purposeful stride, and one can only imagine the recollection of vivid details streaming, as the years play back in his memory. He dons a veteran’s cap, shielding eyes filled with pride and resolve. A gentle wind redirects his gaze toward calm waters of the river, and his stature submits to a wave of contentment.

A once frail widow, clutching onto the promise of safety Moosehaven provides, now clutches the hand of another, as she’s led to the evening’s event in familiar routine. No longer burdened by fear in her efforts to live alone, she now enjoys the confidence of independence, and embraces the freedom to thrive again. As she’s escorted off, her eyes meet his in thankful celebration, and the pride swelled in his chest is exhaled in contentment.

How do you convey the message of Moosehaven? As you explain each facet of the Moosehaven program, are the details emboldened in fraternal commitment to serve seniors?
Each soul at Moosehaven represents a unique need, yet the common desire to thrive resonates in every heart. Share Moosehaven with others as an opportunity, a means to peace, not a means to an end. Allow families to gain comfort in knowing a renewed life lies ahead for their loved ones, a life filled with purpose and chance. Provide a true representation of the success of Moosehaven, and paint a portrait of contentment.