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There are signs everywhere!

Parkview Duplex Villas

There are signs everywhere! Walking onto Astor Street, there are signs on every reserved home in Brandon Place. From apartments to villas, people are not just showing an interest in our program, they’re making reservations to make Moosehaven their home.

By the first of the year, sixteen (16) additional residents will have moved to Brandon Place. To help our new neighbors settle in and acclimate to life on the campus, we’ve coupled them with Brandon Place Ambassadors. Ambassadors provide an insider’s gain to our community and help new residents plug in to activities and features of the campus. Offering a friendly smile and a helping hand not only enhances our sense of community, but is the first sign to new comers of our fraternal spirit.

If all signs are pointing towards downsizing to the right size home, call the marketing office today and let your next sign read, “RESERVED.”