The many faces of Moosehaven

James “Jim” Thomas

Resident Jim Thomas

This month we get up close and personal with James “Jim” Thomas. Jim was born to Floyd and Margaret Thomas on September 29th in the small town of Cheshire, Ohio. Jim was the youngest out of eight; he grew up with five brothers and two sisters Jim attended Cheshire High School and was very involved with the football team. Most evenings were spent lending a helping hand in his brother’s auto repair shop. After graduation, Jim moved to Salinas, California to find work. At 19 years old he started working for various sugar plants in parts of northern and southern California. Jim also worked detailing cars for a dealership in Roseville, CA.

Jim made a career out of selling auto parts and worked in the auto industry for over 40 years. For 30 of those years Jim worked as an auto body salesman for Chevy Inc. While working for a motor supply company, one of Jim’s customers introduced him to the Moose. In 1980, Jim joined the Grass Valley Moose Lodge. He was very involved with his local lodge; he served as Past Governor in 1984 and earned his Fellow degree in 1994. Jim’s sponsor informed him of Moosehaven the day he joined and has always kept Moosehaven in the back of his mind. He knew from the day he joined that Moosehaven was the place he wanted to be when the time was right.

On May 12, 1998 Jim became a resident of Moosehaven. Jim loves living here and says he wouldn’t change it for the world. His favorite hobbies include collecting scale model cars and photos from various places around the world. He says that his obsession with automobiles started when he was young and would help around his brother’s’ auto repair shop. Jim loves attending car races and car shows every chance he gets.

He also enjoys playing pool, darts, fishing, shuffle board, and bowling in Moosehaven’s NY Sports Building. When asked what advice he would like to leave the next generation, Jim responds “Get active in the Moose, don’t sit back and be an observer.”