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One of Our Favorite Times of the Year

Everyone has their favorite time of year.  Whether it’s the nostalgia of another moment in life, or a new opportunity to spend time with loved ones, there’s always a reason favorite seasons tug at the heart strings.  In almost everyone’s favorite choice, the underlying theme of family and friends is the reason time together is so special. It’s certainly one of the reasons Moosehaven residents look forward to visits from Mooseheart Boys and Girls over the summer months, as one of their favorite times of the year.

Each summer, the campus comes alive with visitors from Mooseheart.  Residents are eager to celebrate their time together, and have a full schedule of socials, events and sporting competition for their guests to enjoy. Recently, the Mooseheart boys visited the Moosehaven campus and were greeted with an ice cream social and dance.  The floor was filled with laughter and excitement as young and old alike showcased their moves in celebration.

As you passed by each table lined with new and familiar faces, stories reminiscing of time spent in the Fraternity, and in support of the Child City, resonated throughout the night. For every reason given as to why a resident joined the Moose, was an equally impressive reason why they supported Mooseheart. It was an insightful discussion among the participants, with a great appreciation for the benefits of continued Moose membership. In retrospect, it was profound to realize Moosehaven residents represented countless prayers of intercession, and years of support for the children of Mooseheart. The night was truly a family reunion.

The following days were filled with visits to neighboring Lodges and Chapters, and special time together on campus.  From beach parties to cook-outs, residents took delight in hosting the boys and forging new friendships. It was an experience for all, with memories and moments encouraging our guests to come back for another visit, and to continue the goodwill of the Fraternity as an adult.

The Moosehaven campus is now gearing up for our next visit, when the Mooseheart girls come to celebrate Independence Day in the upcoming weeks.  Again, it’s a time of excitement and celebration; and is one of our most favorite times of the year.